#42 and #43



Some numbers are missing! Yes, you are right. I have a few unfinished pieces. Ideas are evolving so quickly that I am reaching forward into new paintings before the previous ones are finished. Sigh. But I wanted to be honest about the numbering.

#42 – Spiral, 4 x 4″, oil on wood panel (Available on my Shop Page.)

#43 – Wave 4 x 4″, oil on wood panel. (Available on my Shop Page.)

(If you purchase both, I’ll refund the extra shipping right away. If you’re out of the US, I may contact you with revised shipping fees.)

These paintings were done as “studies” for #41, which will be available as a print shortly. But it’s still under wraps… I wanted to see how my abstract designs and my realistic designs would combine, in a Klimt sort of way. I like the rigid formality of Mucha too, but find myself more drawn to the organic shapes like Audrey Kawasaki. Yet… I’ve toyed with idealizing the face for the last 20 years or so and just can’t get comfortable with it. I prefer realism. Klimt was really good at this – plopping a realistic face in a sea of abstract, undulating shapes. That’s my major inspiration.

OK, 25 years working on the SAME aesthetic quandary, and I feel like finally I am getting close to a resolution! That’s what the 100 Girls project was for, in the first place, so that feels good.

Oh yeah happy new year!



One thought on “#42 and #43

  1. It IS a dilemma, isn’t it? I struggle with the same problem (though with a bit of a different expression). Klimt does do that beautifully, but that was his solution, and I’m afraid it’s not mine.

    These are really really beautiful. The faces are exquisite, and I really like how they are integrated with the marvelous moving pattern of the hair.

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