100 Girls Gallery

ARTIST’S NOTE: The purpose of the 100 Girls project is to explore and refine ways of presenting the image of women in a manner that demonstrates their intellect, curiosity, and will. This is a learning project for me, in order to resolve a technical question I have had for over 25 years – how to resolve both realism and abstraction into the same image and create a compelling and interesting painting.

Currently I am nearly to the halfway mark and it’s interesting to me that I am pushing more towards surrealism and illustration, with a fairly tight hand. I thought this might be an opportunity to “loosen up” (and I really did try!) but apparently a certain desgree of tightness is a natural draw for me. (I said “draw” there, get it?)

I hope you’ll continue to watch this series as it progresses. My ultimate goal is to “settle” into a stylistic plane that I can explore for years to come.

Thanks, Lisa (January 10, 2013)


3 thoughts on “100 Girls Gallery

  1. Wow–amazing project! I LOVE these–the movement in them. Except for #34 and #36, they share a certain sensibility that really speaks to me. And to have that sensibility be expressed in so many different ways….WOW!

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