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#27 – Meadow

#27 – Meadow, 8 x 10″, oil on birch wood panel I like lines. All sorts. I like shapes that mean one thing on side of themselves, then shift as you follow them. The “field” shapes here were in spired by blood vessels, weeds, and circuit boards. The “flower head” concept is accentuated here, and I … Continue reading

#26 – “Antelope”

#26 – ANTELOPE, 10 x 8″, oil on birch wood panel Eureka! I have a new secret tool…. I love lines, and love to draw in Sharpie. But in paint, the effects are more difficult to accomplish. So I gave it a think, and asked my boyfriend for his advice, and we came up with … Continue reading

#25 – Ram 2

#25 – RAM 2 8 x 8″, oil on wood panel I was talking with a friend the other day and he’s like, what’s up with the horns, and I’m like, well, they refer to a physical feeling…. If you had horns, it would throw everything off. Your head would be all wobbly, with a … Continue reading

#23 – Ram

#23 – Ram 8 x 8″, oil on wood panel Wait a second, is that Audrey Hepburn? How did she get in there? I guess that’s what happens when painting from imagination – you just gravitate toward perfection, and man, she was a perfect beauty. Continue reading

#22 – Ibex

#21 – IBEX 8 x 8″, oil on wood panel I’m a Leo, so I like to do the same thing over and over and make little changes… See where it goes. I do NOT LIKE to be put on the spot to do things I have never tried before. There will be a few … Continue reading

#21 – Fawn

#21 – FAWN 8 x 8″, oil on wood panel I’m really enjoying exploring shapes that take on different meanings from their beginnings to their ends. For instance here, the shape of the bangs seems to indicate that the black surrounding her is hair, but if you don’t look at the bangs, the black is … Continue reading